Kat M-S (uuxerarch) wrote in jpdyruu,
Kat M-S

Apply to be on General Assembly Staff 2007!!!

Hey UU youth and adult allies!!!

The time is now to apply to be on General Assembly Youth Caucus Staff for 2007! You might wonder, "what's General Assembly?" Well, my friend, General Assembly is the annual meeting of all the Unitarian Universalist congregations that happens in late June every year. For next summer, it is going to be in Portland, Oregon, USA June 20-24, 2007. It's super cool!

Want to go to General Assembly next year, with all expenses paid???

Want to help the business of GA's Youth Caucus run smoothly???

The applications for all positions (except HUUPER/ youth dean) are due on September 22nd. You can download the application at http://uua.org/YRUU/events/pdfs/GAStaffApp2007.pdf , which also has descriptions of all the staff positions. If you have any questions, email KMankerSeale@uua.org.

Kat Manker-Seale

Youth Ministry Associate

Unitarian Universalist Association
25 Beacon Street
Boston, MA 02108

(617) 948-4351 (phone)
(617) 367-4798 (fax)
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